Welcome to Marina Cannabis Club

Located in the best neighbourhood in Barcelona, Marina Cannabis Club, our club is just a few blocks away from the best pubs in Barcelona.

Marina is considered as one of the best places to go out with friends or solo. You can chill out and have a good time before or after going out in Marina.

You can be part of the greatest cannabis experience in Barcelona by becoming a member of our club. You only have to fill out the form below and follow the steps.

It’s really important to be over 18, otherwise you will rejected. Also, the annual membership fee must be paid, and this is mandatory so no exceptions will be taken into account.

Please bring your valid ID, Passport or driving licence. No photocopies or pics on your mobile will be accepted. Those who don’t bring a valid identification document won’t be able to be members of our club.

Any information about the club’s dispensary, such as the menu or the contributions, must be asked inside the venue..


Let us recap our three main rules

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Fill up the form
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